Wednesday, May 20, 2009

GM brings heavy Pontiac incentives just in time for Memorial Day...

0% for 72 months! On Pontiac G5, G6 and G8!

This is huge. Only through Tuesday May 26th.

Everyone has been asking -- with the recent Pontiac news what GM was going to do at the dealer level. Well today we found out. Very aggressive programs for consumers out there...

I was speaking with our GM today, we are absolutely convinced that the 2009 Pontiac G8 will be a collectors item of somekind. It's Pontiac's last true performance vehicle with great fit and finish, strong design and decent gas mileage to boot!

Also don't tell anyone I told you -- but we have a tiny bit of additional dealer incentive to increase our discount to the consumer. Now is the time to buy.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Advertising in the Car Biz

Let's face it car dealers are shameless - we will do about anything to get in front of you in the hope of earning an opportunity to "sell" you a car. Let's also face it, times are tougher than ever on car dealers.

But I have learned one thing -- sometimes advertising in a way that is too "edgy" and/or "misguiding" just isn't worth it. The strain it creates on your employees and customers just becomes to great even if you are selling cars.

And while I always would like to think the people that do constantly walk a "blurry" line don't prosper from it --- I know also that may simply be "wishful thinking."

Cough-Cough. Just opened up the Gainesville Sun. Love this disclaimer from a specific local car dealer: *All prices with $4,000 cash or trade equity. That means that the price you are seeing - or reading ... is not the true price ... it has been reduced by four thousand cause they assume you have a 4,000 dollar trade or that kind of money just laying around.

In these times very few of my customers who need money down have it - so to blatantly assume 4K is a pretty great "stretch." Interesting "trickery" indeed.