Friday, May 1, 2009

Advertising in the Car Biz

Let's face it car dealers are shameless - we will do about anything to get in front of you in the hope of earning an opportunity to "sell" you a car. Let's also face it, times are tougher than ever on car dealers.

But I have learned one thing -- sometimes advertising in a way that is too "edgy" and/or "misguiding" just isn't worth it. The strain it creates on your employees and customers just becomes to great even if you are selling cars.

And while I always would like to think the people that do constantly walk a "blurry" line don't prosper from it --- I know also that may simply be "wishful thinking."

Cough-Cough. Just opened up the Gainesville Sun. Love this disclaimer from a specific local car dealer: *All prices with $4,000 cash or trade equity. That means that the price you are seeing - or reading ... is not the true price ... it has been reduced by four thousand cause they assume you have a 4,000 dollar trade or that kind of money just laying around.

In these times very few of my customers who need money down have it - so to blatantly assume 4K is a pretty great "stretch." Interesting "trickery" indeed.


  1. This is interesting post, I thought Advertising is good for the business but never new it can be edgy. Thank you for sharing this post with us

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