Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Top Ten Things I can do with my Blackberry 10 That You Didn't Think I Could:

1) Sync my iTunes library to my Blackberry 10 device. 

Oh yes you can! And through the native Blackberry link application! It's easy!

2) Enjoy a "Siri" type experience. 

Try the new "Built for Blackberry" application "Say It" which now runs "headless," meaning the window does not need to remain open.

3) Bluetooth stream music to my car --- which does not allow for bluetooth streaming. 

I have a 2011 GMC Terrain SLT. In that production year bluetooth streaming of internet radio or really any media is not supported. How did I fix this?

I purchased a Blackberry bluetooth gateway and attached it in an attractive fashion (using velcro) under my arm rest. The gateway has a power source and feeds nicely into the auxillary port thinks to some good thinking by GMC. So now when I step near my car it's ready to rock tunes right off my phone.

4) I hear Blackberry doesn't have supported applications for E*Trade, Yahoo Fantasy Football, ADT, American Express, Nike +, SunTrust Bank and Klout? Also what about Google Drive?

Yep, that's true. But thanks to the beauty of HTML 5 and the best Blackberry browser ever I have simply created Home Screen links to these accounts. Don't like that? Well you can always try sideloading Android apps (I have done this and to mixed success). Google Drive? No problem, I'm utilizing the "Cloud Explorer for Google" application and I am all set.

5) Sonos? 

Yes Blackberry 10 has some great applications that work very well with your Sonos wireless sound system.

6) Instagram? 

Ok honestly, I'd be doing a lot more on Instagram if it weren't for the fact that they won't develop an application for Blackberry. Blackberry hasn't developed one either. The best experience I have found is with "Blackgram," a newer application available on Blackberry 10. Functions are to a degree limited but if you can't get to another mobile device at least I still can participate.

7) Blackberry Travel 

I've tried to utilize other travel applications to organize my busy business/leisure travel life. Blackberry Travel is a native application that works well by pulling reservations and travel plans out of my e-mail. Want to search for local restaurants and get the weather to where you are going? It's simple. Also any flight changes or status updates come right into your Blackberry 10's notifications. It's fantastic.

8) Blackberry Messenger (BBM) 

It needs some work but look for Blackberry to make a real investment here in 2014. Could it one day be a leader among the likes of Viber, WhatsApp, KIK Messenger and Snapchat? I repeat...needs some work! BUT everyday I do utilize BBM and wish more in the US did as well. The best upside is that unlike Apple's iMessage it's available on Android, Apple and BB devices. Can't say that for KIK and Snapchat.

9) Native integration with Evernote and Dropbox show why Blackberry still wants to build the best phone for business on the planet. 

What did Melanie Griffith say in that Harrison Ford classic "Working Girl" in the 80's? A mind for business but a body for sin? Yeah that works here too. Maybe.

No idea what I'm talking about?


10) Video chat? Well until my friends come around to BBM Skype is where it's at...but it too does perfectly well on the BlackBerry 10. 

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