Saturday, May 26, 2012

Custom Walk Around and Comparison Videos are a Powerful Tool

You've been hearing it for ages. Custom video is a quick and efficient way to either create interest with a customer or prepare a customer for a dealership visit. So why aren't you doing it? In the video above Wade Raulerson Buick GMC Sales associate Matthew Duke helps a customer select between a Mitsubishi Outlander Sport SUV and a GMC Terrain SUV. We took a few minutes to the edit (frankly it's about 45 seconds too long even in present form) just to add some professional touches.

Here is a few pieces of advice for sales associates looking to add video to their skills:

1) Keep it short - 45 seconds to 1:15 per car; people want information in short concise bursts
2) Get to the point - you can still use e-mail to offer the customer other information, utilize the video to focus on features and benefits of the car
3) Don't be afraid to have a friend drive while you take your camera with you on a brief test drive
4) Keep the camera still; you don't want your customer at home looking for their last dramamine pill nor do you want them losing focus on what you are saying
5) Stay serious but friendly --- you aren't filming a commercial so keep comedy out of your video
6) Use video to follow up --- video isn't just for customers who have requested information it could be perfect for someone who did not have time for a proper demonstration on the lot
7) Keep private names and personal information out of the video. Then you can also use these videos to build organic search content either on your webpage or youtube channel.

The statistics show that customers early in the purchase funnel utilize video to help make their vehicle selection. Why not start to build the dealer relationship while giving them information they are looking for?

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